Our Projects

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    Akron Canton Contractors

    Whether your a contractor, skilled carpenter, or labor ready. Local network used to to generate leads employ those seeking work in the trades.

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    I Know A Guy Buy & Sell

    This buy and sell is for wholesalers and resellers who love to just simply hustle.

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    Northeast Ohio Billiards Network

    This group is free for anyone looking to find or promote a tournament, join a league or just catch a game.

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    Ohio Real Estate Investors Network

    Our Real Estate Investors network is used to help create friction, make contacts, find leads, pitch deals, and discuss strategies.

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    Ohio Sober Living Network

    Ohio Sober Living Network's Peer Support and Recovery Resource Group.

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    What's Poppin Ohio

    A community group for local small businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services to those who support them

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